Monday, January 19, 2009

Listen to 大話新聞/頭家來開講 without a TV set

I just talked (for more than an hour) to a powerful physicist friend returning to the states from Taiwan for the winter break. He could not stop talking about Chen Shui-Bian with fierce hatred while I tried hard to talk about other things, such as Ma Yean-Jeou. No use. He marched back to Chen Shui-Bian agian and again as if Chen Shui-Bian was the only thing he cared. All this time I wondered about KMT's unthinkable success in brainwashing Taiwanese:
What is the logic behind Taiwanese hating a potential thief (Chen) with passion, but letting Satan himself (Ma) off the hook?
In my attempt to not talk about Chen Shiu-Bian, I asked him about Freddy Lim. Who? He asked. I was amazed of his ignorance about Freddy.
I: Do you watch 大話新聞 (Freddy is occasionally a penalist)?
He: No, I don't have a TV set.
I don't have a TV set either. Furthermore, I live in the American Continent at least seven months out of a year. But I listen (using an iPod) to 大話新聞 and 頭家來開講 almost everyday when I drive and when I take a walk. I wrote a blog entry at 大話新聞/頭家來開講 describing how to do it. Here is a simple summary:
  • Visit Taiwan Yes
  • Download the MP4 files to your PC
  • Download the MP4 files to your iPhone/iPod or MP3 players
Let me know if you have questions.

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