Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Use the Internet
Learn from Obama

Taiwanese who shy away from the Internet are like fighters who shy away from powerful weapons because they are more comfortable with slingshots or spears. Furthermore, by sticking with slingshots, they do not need to learn to use unfamiliar, strange looking, new gadgets.

Read this 2009-01-26 New York Times report on how Obama plans to connect his government with Americans: Melding Obama’s Web to a YouTube Presidency. Even when Obama sets such an example of how to put the infinitely powerful Internet to use, Taiwanese remain content with their slingshots.

Computer literate people should actively give workshops to teach
  • effective use of browsers including addons/extensions
  • effective use of emailers to minimize spams and maximize efficiency
  • publishing to the web
  • social networking for collaboration
  • and much, much more
Slingshotters should unite and organize workshops and invite local Obamas to help out.

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