Friday, January 9, 2009

Publish to the web
Don't just email

This is an email I sent out today.
It is critical that Taiwanese turn their emails into web pages, so that they change from internal to external and invisible to visible. Note:
  • We should not be preaching to the choirs and to just make ourselves happy. We should focus on changing those 7,659,014 people who voted for Ma and KMT.
  • Email, once turned into a web page has a permanent existence and available to anybody. I am not saying you should not email. You should publish it as web page, then email.
  • I may delete your email because I have no time to read now; I cannot delete your web page and I can read it anytime I want.
  • Google and other search engines cannot catalog your emails, but they will quickly catalog your web pages to make them easy to find.
  • Publishing web pages is no more difficult than emailing. You can even publish blogspot blogs by emailing. Let me know if you have questions about this.
If we do not publish to the web, Taiwanese' voice will be very feeble. To give you an example: if more Taiwanese had blogged on 李慶安, she would have been prosecuted earlier. The fact is, few Taiwanese had. As a result, when you googled for 李慶安, you used to get almost nothing. Another example: many of my blogs display a KMT fact box, like this:

李慶安2008年3月12日遭踢爆雙重國籍, 距今

貓纜2008年10月1日Stonewall investigation , 距今

柯建銘2008年8月9日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

戴正德2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

陳水扁2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

See or

Imagine the impact of such a box if more Taiwanese are willing to display it [by spending two seconds.]

Please let me know if I can help you in any way to make you publish.

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