Tuesday, December 9, 2008


One suggestion made by many 大話新聞 viewers is:
Show reruns of the program during other time slots of the day
鄭弘儀 replies that he would convey this idea to the managers.

I suggest:
  1. 鄭弘儀 explain to his audience that, even without reruns, they can
    • watch the program online at many web sites such as http://www.southnews.com.tw/, http://taiwanyes.com/tvfilm.htm, http://www.southnews.com.tw/, or http://taiwanus.net, or
    • watch a video recording of the program by downloading it from the above sites (in wmv or mp4 formats) and watch on your PC offline. This means that your computer needs not be connected to the Internet when you watch the video, or
    • Download the mp4 file (from http://taiwanyes.com/tvfilm.htm) to your iPod or MP3 player, so you can listen to it anywhere you go, such as when you are driving or walking your dog.
  2. Anyone who can provide such viewing opportunities to common folks actively help out. For those people who are running for offices, they should set up gathering spaces offering such video.

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