Friday, November 14, 2008

San Diego is planning to close libraries!!!

I received this very alarming message:

Did you know that our city is planning to close several branches of the public library? This includes my very own branch in Ocean Beach. I know there are budget problems, but in my opinion this is not a good solution.

If you are also concerned you could email your city council person and/or mayor sanders to protest. I just did so. If your branch is one of the ones that may be closed there may also be local protests. I will be protesting in Ocean Beach on Saturday at noon. I think the mayor is claiming that the branches to be closed are not heavily used. I can't speak about the other branches, but for the Ocean Beach branch, this is simply not true. If you go in there are always lots of people there. (I think they may not all be checking out books, but they are there reading newspapers, magazines and books and using the computers. For many in Ocean Beach, this may be the only place they have computer access.)

Libraries are places where children, senior citizens and low income people can access books. For some in these groups traveling further to get another branch is not a good option.

To find out who your council person is and their email go to

To email the mayor

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