Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Computer Literacy for Experts

The title sounds self-contradictory. An expert should be literate, so should not need Computer Literacy education, right? Perhaps you can help me come up with better terms.

In the sumer of 2008, I taught a course to a group of outstanding computer science students at ITESO, Guadalajara. The topics I covered included:
  1. The tabbing and extensible browser Firefox. Extensions.
  2. Google family of software, such as Gmail, Groups, Doc and Spreadsheet, PicasaWeb, Blogger, etc.
  3. Server-side and Client-side web authoring.
  4. Emacs.
  5. Python programming.
  6. Functional Programming.
These topics were selected to instantly empower the students. At the same time, they present fundamental concepts of:
  1. extensible software such as Firefox and Emacs
  2. client/server technology
  3. publishing and collaboration
  4. procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming
I called this special course Computer Literacy for Experts.

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