Friday, October 31, 2008

A Picasa Mystery

A friend of mine was mystified that he could not add captions to his PicasaWeb album pictures. He added captions and saved the changes. To his surprise and dismay, the published album did not change a bit - the captions he added just refused to show. I didn't know what happened when he called, because he was in a different town. But I had an idea. I believed the program he used to add picture captions did so on his PC, but not on the album that resides on google's server machine. This was easily confirmed when I asked him to first sign in google. From here on I can be sure whether changes will happen on his machine or on the server. In this case, he first logged into gmail. Then on the first line, he clicked the photos link to go to PicasaWeb. Once there, he was able to add captions to pictures and more and see the effect of such changes immediately.

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