Monday, September 1, 2008

Don't email pictures, publish albums instead

To share more than one or two pictures, it is easier to publish an album than to use email. For publishing photo albums, I recommend Google's PicasaWeb, whose use requires no computer expertise and using which albums can be published in a matter of minutes by unsophisticated users. There are many highly usable album software that make it easy to automate album creation such as making it easy to annotate pictures, arrange them in different orders or hierarchies, etc. I have been using Python-based PyAlbum.

Since the amazing 830 Anti-Ma rally, I received tons of 830 pictures through emails. One batch was unreadable by most recipients because the pictures had been uuencoded and few knows what to do with them. I uudecoded the files and created a PicasaWeb album at For another 830 album created using PyAlbum, see

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