Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For Taiwanese who do not use handwriting for Chinese input: why you must

Chinese input through handwriting is as easy as handwriting on a piece of paper.  Anyone who has a smartphone should already know this. 
Therefore, it is such a mystery to me that, now in  2012, few US-educated Taiwanese I know write Chinese in their electronic communications such as email.  

They would type invented English like Nan-fang Shuo when they mean to say 南方朔; Chen Yi-Sheng for 陳儀深;  Ts'ai-hsun for 財訊, and bo-dua bo-se for 沒大沒小.   It is hard to write such English.  Readers take a long time to decipher Chen Yi-Sheng.  誰是陳一陷?  Many will never figure out what bo-dua bo-se means.  

People write 100% English even when they have difficulty expressing themselves in 100% English.  Someone criticized such phenomenon bluntly as follows:
雖然大家為了鍵入方便,喜歡以英文溝通, 但我發現大多數人在專業以外,對英文的理解能力是大有問題的,或者根本不花心思去理解,所以我以下以中文書寫 ...
If you have avoided Chinese input, please try it now by handwriting.  Three things can happen: 
  • You will find it to be so easy.
  • You will make your writing accessible to those people who do not read English, making you so much more influential. 
  • You won't lose your ability to handwrite Chinese because you will do it regularly.  In contrast, those people who do not handwrite Chinese stand to lose such ability.
Let me know if you have questions.

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