Friday, June 29, 2012

Computer illiteracy shortens lives and makes unhappy people

A computer illiterate person uses computers less efficiently.  For example, it might take him 5 hours to do something that takes someone else one second.
She might be using a MacBook Pro with a i7 quad core processor and two gigabyte memory, and constantly sucking her thumb wondering why the machine was taking a minute or two to load a Word file.

Effectively, a computer illiterate person lives a shorter life because day in and day out, he wastes so much time.  And time is life.

But I worry that with their significantly shortened lives, they also are less happy.  Here is why.

In this lightening fast changing time of the Internet age, to be computer illiterate is to be behind our own time.  To be behind guarantees unhappiness.  Imagine a caveman having dinner with sophisticated social elites in a French restaurant.  The caveman is likely to feel inadequate and have difficulty keeping up a conversation.

As a person falls behind, she begins to have hard time coping with responsibilities such as allowing her email messages to pile up unorganized and unattended, and neglecting to reply to messages from friends and colleagues. 

People, fight back to live a long and happy life!

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