Thursday, July 19, 2012

謹把此文獻給不打中文的台灣人: readers' feedback

I. Ed suggests the use of iPad, and writing pads such as those made by PenPower.  I personally finger write on the trackpad of a MacBookPro.  But writing pad or tablet of any kind that supports writing by finger either on the pad or on the display should work well.

You encouraged people to write Hanji, but you did not show how to do this.

For instance, one can hand write Hanji by using a pad made by Pen-power.  But better yet, one can use i-Pad to write Hanji with your own finger.

II. Taiwan Echo recommends a non-trivial use of Google translate as a way for Chinese input:
中文打字 is actually very easy, because it is "pinyin", it follows the sound of English alphabets. For example, typing "taiwan" gives you 台灣,"keshi" gives you 可是, "buyao" gives you 不要, etc.

So anyone familiar with the English keyboard can easily pick that up.

If you r interested and have time for some practice, take 5~10 minutes to visit:

Turn the left panel to Chinese and check the box [ ] 允許以拼字方式輸入

and you can start typing. Don't even have to install anything.
III. Sean recommends 注音輸入法:
Leave a comment if you have other recommendations.

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