Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can we rely on Google for critical missions?

  1. In the last post, I mentioned that my Google site [I Love Taiwan] Google Group stopped working for about a month now.   Repeated requests to Google Inc for help produced no useful response.  A friend asked:
    Do you have any idea what they think you did, or why they think they are justified in cutting off service?
    Nope.   I am confident the site became inaccessible not because of the content of the site, or anything I have done.
    For the near term, I think you need to come up with a good, clear, concise explanation of what happened leading up to the suspension of service, and why Google might have suspended your account.  Then explain why Google was wrong to do what they did.   Finally, you should lay into Google for being unresponsive and stonewalling, in apparent violation of their prime directive not be be evil.
    Nothing I can think of can justify disability of my Google site; it just happened out of the blue.  Google is not suspending my account.  In fact, all of my Google apps continue to work perfectly except my existing Google sites.  A far-fetched speculation is that China made Google Inc disable my site because one of its subsite is Taiwan is not a part of China.  If this is true, then Google Inc is helping China silence people and the whole world should be prepared to fight not just China, but also Google Inc.
  2. Consider an even more serious disruption of Google service, and even more serious loss of years of historical data for Taiwan.  The following is copied from http://taiwanyes.com/tvfilm_201007.php; The most shocking is that an youTube (a Google company) account twyes2 has been eliminated. As a result, so went all the videos Taiwan Yes 2 had uploaded to youTube over the years.  These include many years of the recordings of the daily talk shows 大話新聞 and 新台灣論壇 that constitutes a faithful recording of the history of Taiwanese' struggle for democracy.   
    7/13/2010 - 在 Youtube 的 twyes2 帳戶被 Youtube 刪除了,所以連帶其他節目也被刪除了。而且另一帳戶 twyes 也收到 Youtube 的第一次通知 。
    還有不知是否與下列新聞有關 「蘇麗 媚搶進中國 公開迎合馬英九 有線電視買賣大戰引關注
    7/12/2010 - 今天收到 Youtube 的第二次通知
    7/11/2010 - 貼出別的Youtube網友上載的大話新聞。
    7/6/2010 - 由於收到如下Youtube和三立電視通知 "侵權聲明 您所上傳的影片已侵害三立電視之權利,例如大話新聞....,請立即下架避免觸法!" 所以不再上載三立電視之節目。 
Are the two things related?  If they are, it is too frightening for humanities. It means China and other evil forces can make Google Inc silence dissenters,  prevent truth be told, and hide things they wish censored.

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