Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Facebook giving Taiwanese trouble? IV

I thank Facebook user lupangster for stepping forward to present his story.  His Facebook account was disabled in 2010.  He wrote to protest, and got the following reply:
2010/9/27 The Facebook Team<>


請回覆本電郵,與我們確認您確為所提協助要求中之 Facebook 帳號持有人 。待此安全程序完成後,我們即可馬上提供協助。

Facebook 只能協助那些從他們的 Facebook
帳號登入電郵信箱發函與我們聯絡的用戶。在我們受理您的查詢前,請確定您現在用來與我們聯絡的電郵信箱是登記在您被停用的 Facebook
帳號下。請不要使用不同的電郵地址建立其他帳號,此行為將會延遲我們解決此問題的時間。此外,註冊一個以上的 Facebook


Facebook Team
This request was easy for Lupangster, who uses only one email account, his gmail account.  He received all mails, including all Facebook updates from  this gmail account.  Why was Facebook team asking him the obvious that it should know?   Nevertheless,
after stating the above to,  he got the following reply:
From: The Facebook Team
Date: 2010/11/3
Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled


請回覆此電郵並附上一份政府發放的身分證件的電子檔或掃描圖檔(如駕照或護照等等)。可能的話,請儲存為 JPEG  格式。請確認在您提供的附件中下列資訊均清晰易讀:




User Operations
One question for Faye at
What does 我們無法核實帳號的擁有權。mean?
When Lupangster created his Facebook account, he relied solely on his gmail account.  His gmail account is effectively his Facewbook ID.  Thus, his gmail account definitely proves his Facebook account ownership.    Faye at communicated with Lupangster using lupangster's gmail account, but Faye says she 無法核實帳號的擁有權.  What else can Faye use to confirm owns

Be reminded that Lupangster started communicating with Faye at because his Facebook account was disabled.  Nothing Faye at
wrote addressed this issue.  She did not offer an explanation why the account was disabled, or what she intended to do if she could be satisfied.

To summarize: Lupangster has only one email account, his gmail account.  He used this gmail account to create a Facebook account, so his gmail account is his Facebook account ID.  Facebook disabled his account without telling him why.  After Lupangster complained, Faye at started asking Lupangster to prove his identity and communicated with Lupangstger using Lupangster's gmail address.   Faye even asked Lupangster for copy of his ID card. Why not ask Lupangster for his driving records, drinking habit, medical records or college transcript?  And how would any of these things prove or disprove that owns

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