Friday, October 15, 2010

Thoughts on the September 2010 Amsterdam WASET multi-conferences

The following is from a private correspondence, with minor editing:
I was at the September Waset conference in Amsterdam, ...
I was worried about the real existence of this Waset conference.  All web searches for Waset was positive at this moment, but, like you, I had many questions.   For example, why didn't they accept credit card payment ...
The conference included many different symposiums.  I am in industrial engineering and systems management.  All talks were entirely in one room.  My presentation was at 9:00 AM. There are at least 20 papers to be presented in a 2 hour slot... and all the topics were different.

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  1. I mistakingly attended a WASET conference (Venice, April 2011) and all of these issues are commonplace. It is indeed a borderline scam. I didn't present to anyone in my field. My session was full of nanotech or radiation or anything else when I applied to a conference on thermal hydraulics. The organization was terrible. There was no support (announcements, invited speakers, luncheons or dinners, city tours, etc). The only presenters in my field presented at the same time as me in the other room. It was my first conference, but I was not stupid enough to accept that as the standard.