Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to lie in the Internet age? Don't!

In the Internet age, almost all lies will be caught. Once a lie is recorded, it lives forever. The liar and his offspring have to live with the disgrace and notoriety - there is no relief, ever.

Let me use Ma Ying-Jeou as an example. Notwithstanding the KMT/CCP media packaging, the many news and videos showing how he lies, how he deposited public fund into his personal bank accounts, ... will live forever. Anyone, anywhere can watch and read them anytime and say: What a miserable and shameless liar! Ma and his offspring will need to live with these ever growing mountains of records detailing his atrocities. For example, this youTube video 戳破馬英九不承認特別費是公費 will live forever, played again and again. There is nothing Ma's makeup artists or KMT/CCP historians can do.

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