Saturday, May 2, 2009

Computer literacy can save Taiwan

At this moment in human civilization, a people, such as 23,000,000 Taiwanese, have the power of making a statement that the world will hear right away. For example, they can sign an electronic statement that says
CCP and KMT keep on spreading a lie that Taiwan is part of china against historical facts. Taiwanese are not Chinese and do not want to be Chinese.
I now describe how to start with nothing in the morning, but collect 10,000,000 signatures by the end of the day.
  1. Create an endorsement web page using one of the many free petition hosting sites or alternatives such as Google spreasheet
  2. Email out request for endorsement
  3. Get foot soldiers to go door-to-door, Si-Men-Ding, Department Stores, Bullet Trains Stations, ... with a notebook computer quipped with a 3G device for Internet access to gather signatures. This has the added benefit of connecting to voters in meaningful ways.
Will this work? It will if enough people want to make it happen.

This is extremely attractive because
  • it cost little money to carry out
  • it does not take a committee to approve or debate to no end. A person can start the project. Whether it succeeds in collecting enough signature is a reflection of people's will.
  • if you do not succeed, keep on trying until you do
  • remember that Taiwan is not democratic because KMT never allows people the birthrights of referendum. Electronic signing/voting is a low-cost way to tell KMT that we do not need its permission for referendum. Electronic voting is the next generation referendum. We are paving ways to a democratic country.

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