Monday, August 18, 2008

Microsoft owns Taiwan

It is widely known that Microsoft owns Taiwan. Here is a news that says that Microsoft has over 98 percent of market share in Taiwan. How frightening is this?
  1. More than 98% of computers in Government offices, schools, companies, and families pay hefty sums to Microsoft for software licenses. This adds up to monies that boggles the mind.
  2. Even more frightening is the fact that many Taiwanese simply identify computing with Microsoft technologies. In many universities, for example Tamkang University (淡江大學), the distinction between computer science and Microsoft technologies becomes unclear: computer education is Microsoft software training.
What to do?
  1. Use better and free software such as Linux distributions and Google family of programs (Doc & Spreadsheets, Calendar, Picasaweb, ...)
  2. Teach fundamental Computing principles. Refrain from software training of particular vendors.

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